Welcome to the New Year Reset Challenge

No matter how 2020 played out for you, the good news is we're moving on and this is going to be your year! 

Hi, I’m Gloria Latham

I found yoga twenty-five years ago, when I was working fourteen hour days as a pharmacist. Yoga inspired a seismic shift in how I felt about my life. 

Since then, I’ve been sharing my unique style of Kundalini Awakening Yoga with thousands of students at international conferences, studios all over the world, and in my thriving online community. 

I’ve created a powerful system of personal transformation, combining the tools and methods of my Kundalini background with my years of experience as a master teacher.  I want to share this method with you, so you can unlock the power that is already within and change your life to reflect who truly you are.  

New Year Reset Challenge

With the right support and guidance, this could be the year you harness the potent energy of change available at the start of the year, to breakthrough your blocks and experience the level of health, vitality, love and success you deserve.

Here’s what I have planned for you:

Each morning, for four consecutive days, you’ll receive a fresh yoga video from me with entirely unique content. Each class is only thirty minutes long and easy to fit into your day. You’ll also get self-inquiry worksheets to improve your clarity and focus, so you can get results.

Day One

Reflect This gratitude practice creates the ideal conditions to call in what you’re ready to have in your life. “Gratitude is the Open Door of Abundance.”


Day Two

Release This is a cleanse for the mind, body and emotions to free you from the subconscious blocks that create barriers to your dreams. 

Day Three

Reset This class focuses on activation of the heart chakra to learn the importance of heart-centered goals.


Day Four

Realize Realizing your dream takes committed action. In this class you will activate your third chakra to create the energy, stamina, level of commitment and self-worth it takes to make this your best year yet.

Enter to Win!

You can win a full scholarship for any one of the four Self Mastery Series Online Courses-the most impactful system I’ve found to free you from your self-imposed limitations and awaken your Kundalini Energy (your untapped potential) – to transform your life.

How to win

Create 4 posts in total- 1 post for each class of the New Year Reset Challenge in our private Inner Circle Facebook group.

Tag me @glorialatham and use the Hashtag #kitchenkundalini  

Course value-USD 997 Choose from Crystallize Your Vision, Breakthrough Your Blocks, Heal Your Heart or Master Your Mind

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You’re not alone! One of the best parts of this transformational work is becoming part of an inclusive community of heart-centered participants from around the globe. Find us on social and get inspired!